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Adding and Upgrading Max's Tools will help him survive in Mad Max. Each Tool adds a benefit to Max and his ability to survive in The Wasteland.

Tools Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Canteen Icon.png
Binoculars Icon.png
Pliers Icon.png
Flare Gun Icon.png
Jimmy Bar Icon.png
Canteen Binoculars Pliers Flare Gun Jimmy Bar
Flashlight Icon.png
Shotgun Icon.png
Harpoon Icon.png
Icon Tools Thunderpoon.png
Sniper Rifle Icon.png
Flashlight Shotgun Harpoon Thunderpoon Sniper Rifle
Melee Weapons Icon.png
Shiv Icon.png
Gas Can Icon.png
Thundersticks Icon.png
Melee Weapons Shiv Fuel Can Thunderstick