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What is Mad Max?

Mad Max is an upcoming single-player third-person open-world adventure video game. It was originally being developed as a tie-in for the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, however, it has now been confirmed to be a standalone story in the canon. Series creator George Miller stated the game will be action oriented, and with the inclusion of Cory Barlog, designer of the critically acclaimed God of War II, this is all but assured. Mad Max: Fury Road was cancelled after the team found the game tie-in to be far more exciting.

George Miller has had a large part in the development of the game, citing the industry as a new form of story telling.

"It’s four-dimensional storytelling. A game can literally become the equivalent of a novel. That is the thing that people like me who write screenplays envy about novelists: that you can actually stop time and explore little cul de sacs. Whereas in a movie, you’d love to stop and examine that character, but you can’t." - George Miller